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Features :
1. Single display LCD TV controller board with multimedia display
2. Input supports up to 1080P
3. Supports PC signal up to WSUXGA+(1920x1080)
4. TV decoder with 3-D comb filter
5. High-quality scaling engine & 3-D motion adaptive video de-
6. Realtek picture/color processing engine
7. 3-D video noise reduction
8. Edge-oriented adaptive algorithm for smooth low-angle edges
9. Automatic 3:2 pull-down & 2:2 pull-down detection and recovery
10. Supports HDTV RGB / Y Pb Pr / Y Cb Cr up to 1080Pi
11. High Definition Multimedia Interface(HDMI 1.2)compliant
receiver. Support HDTV up to 1080P
12. Audio processing for loudspeaker channel, including volume,
balance, mute, tone, EQ, and virtual stereo / surround

Picture / Model


Resolution up to
1920 * 1080

1.VGA Input
2.PC Audio Input
3.S Video Input
4.Component(Y Pb Pr)Input
5.RCA Video Input
6.RCA Audio Input
7.PC Audio Output
8.HDMI / HDCP 1.2 Interface panel use.
9.RF Input

Suitable for LVDS /

Interface panel use.
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